Is there a connection between food and mood…?

12 March, 2024

Is there a connection between food and mood…?

In today's fast-paced and stressful world, it's not uncommon to turn to comfort food as a way to cope with our emotions. From devouring a tub of ice cream to indulging in a bag of chips, our mood and food often become intertwined. Stress eating, as it is commonly known, can provide temporary relief and comfort. However, it's important to recognize that this coping mechanism may have negative consequences in the long run. Understanding the psychology behind stress eating can help us develop healthier alternatives to manage our emotions. By seeking professional guidance and adopting mindful eating practices, we can break the cycle of stress eating and find healthier ways to nourish our bodies and minds.

Manages stress, depression & anxiety

Arachidonic acid found exclusively in animal products like eggs and chicken plays a crucial role in triggering multiple chemical reactions that ultimately result in inflammation. This stresses on the significance of being mindful of our dietary choices and considering plant-based alternatives that can help reduce inflammation. By adopting a professional approach towards understanding the impact of arachidonic acid on inflammation, we can make informed decisions to promote better health and well-being. Plant-based food items are observed to be effective in enhancing the quality of life & mood and reduce the symptoms of depression.

Lessens down the risk of chronic diseases

Do you know that if you shift to a healthier alternative, you can reduce the probabilities of heart diseases. Healthy eating emphasizes on including fruits, vegetables, fat-free products which can reduce the chances of an individual getting major cardiometabolic diseases like stroke, type II diabetes