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“Consuming food that ails, sustains, and nourishes us is a wonderful way to repay our body. Selecting fresh, unprocessed products and staying away from processed foods and extra preservatives is the charm of homecooked and fresh meals. It's time to provide the love and care to your body with healthy indulgence!”

Healthy Indulgence

The primary determinant of someone's life is their health. In an era when people are more & more aware about their HEALTH, we are here to Support!

The concepts of health, self-love, and integrity were the foundation around which “Healthy Indulgence” was built. We are committed to providing our consumers with the most genuine and healthful service possible. We want our clients to indulge in nutritious and health driven food that is completely sugar free and devoid of chemicals!

We cater healthy culinary cuisine for your special event or group meals for up to 20 people. We plan your special meal according to your requirements; you just need to inform us 3-4 hours in advance. One day in advance would be preferable, as we prepare everything fresh to meet your needs.


To create and expand awareness on consumption of natural, wholesome & undressed food on a regular basis and to highlight the impact of food on our daily energy levels along with our happiness & health condition. By providing huge range of wholesome plant-based food options, want to educate society about the power of plant based wholesome food & also importance of our traditional methods alongside.

To incite a large shift from current eating habits to healthier food choices that encourages people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and switch to more and more wholesome organic food.


Healthy Indulgence is all about redefining a healthy diet and a routine that ensures vitality! Surrounded by a world agonizing about sustainability, we believe that people shall focus on their health and a better tomorrow. We aim to be a part of your fitness schedule and give you results.

To help people live a better and holistic lifestyle which helps them thrive on daily routine and feel energetic.


Healthy indulgence aims to develop a close-knitted and likeminded community that prioritises their eating habits and choices to regain and maintain their health. It aims to create a wholesome and holistic mindset about nutritious food choices with minimum amount of human intervention in the form of processing or cooking.

We value the importance of nature, integrity, and love towards self. Health is not just a reward to oneself but also to the environment. By making just one right change in life, one can turn their life around.

Art Of
Healthy Food

Eating food that nourish you and charges your body does not come easy. Healthy Indulgence believes in Artisan Health Food Movement, which incline towards preparing food & drinks in a traditional & simple ways using hight quality ingredients. Healthy eating is a lifestyle and once you achieve that, there is no going back.

With healthy indulgence, one can learn the art of having healthy food. We provide recipes and products that integrate all kinds of nutrition that makes your mind and body lively and recharged.


What Our Clients Say

I had an amazing experience ordering from Healthy Indulgence. The food items are super tasty and I would definitely recommend Healthy Indulgence to everyone.

Deval Patel

Ordering from Healthy Indulgence has definitely changed my life for the better. The food is completely natural and super tasty. It is even perfect for gifting or carry it during travel!

Sonal Patel

I purchased cookies from Healthy Indulgence and oh my god they have definitely become my favourite purchase. I love their packaging too, its simple and so cute!

Hina Mehta

Healthy Indulgence made me fall in love with healthy diet! It reminded me that tasty food can be healthy too! I ordered their chocolate nut cookies and I am in love!


I had such a good time ordering at Healthy Indulgence, the packaging was so elegant and the food was so delicious and at the same time super healthy! They offer tasty solutions to healthy food and I am hooked!

Rutuja Mehta

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